Things to Carry on Tour

Things to Carry on Tour ?

  1. Passport with valid visas or paper visa/ticket/vouchers/other confirmation, Foreign Currency in form of notes/forex card/credit cards (for International tours)
  2. ID Proof – PAN Card, Aadhar Card, and Driving License (For domestic tours)
  3. Airline ticket, Insurance Copies, Tour Itinerary, and Hotel details/voucher
  4. Accessories: Cap, hat, scarves, belts, sunglasses & case, cell phone, charger, adapter, camera, power bank, spare set of batteries, folding umbrella Stroller bag preferably with four wheels
  5. Medicines
  6. Footwear – comfortable sport shoes
  7. Toiletries – Cold creams, body lotions, bath soaps, perfume, tooth brush, toothpaste
  8. Pen, notepad & book or magazine for the journey
  9. Clothes to carry on Tour
  10. Comfortable Clothing - T-shirts, shirts, jeans, denims or trousers, shorts, dresses and/or skirts, punjabi suits, pyjamas/sleepwear, undergarments. For Tours with cold weather conditions
  11. Lightweight clothing that can be layered
  12. Long-sleeved shirts
  13. Woollen jacket, sweaters or pullovers
  14. Gloves, socks, thermal wear